Cellphone Tips

Here are some advanced tips to help take better pictures on a cellphone!

1.) If option is available, turn on HDR for sharper and brighter pictures.

2.) We all know that light is very important.  So, place your light source (i.e., sun) at your back, shining directly on your subject. Indoors, always use flash.

3.) CLEAN LENS! With your cell phone spending so much time in your pants pocket or purse, the lens will eventually get dirty (duh!) Take a soft cloth (i.e., pro lens cloth) with a small drop of water on it and gently clean your lens.  Dry with another soft cloth.

4.) Always hold your cellphone like a camera —with both hands.

5.) When taking a picture, DO NOT hold your cellphone with outstretched arms. Instead, hold your cellphone close to your face (like a regular camera's view finder.) This will help ensure that your pictures will be sharper with little or no camera shaking.

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