Video Projects


It's all about story telling.

We now live in a world surrounded by constant audio and visual communication.  Think of all those who use smart devices to watch movies, listen to music, and to keep up with their news and sporting events.  We use devices to shop for goods and services, watch streaming events, to maintain face-to-face contact, and even to count how many steps we take each day.  It's a way of life.



The question is, "How can you place your business squarely in the middle of all the communication going on around you?" You need video content for your advertising, your Facebook account, and for your branding projects.


But don't worry. That's why we're here.


What makes us different from other video companies is that we combine our photography expertise with solid professional video communication skills.  It's all about storytelling.  We tell your story for commercial TV and web advertising, real estate sales, product interviews and infomercials, as well as timely campaign-oriented presentations.


Each video we create is an uniquely client-driven project.  That means the final product is virtually a custom-made presentation.  To do that, we work closely with our clients to produce the results they want.  Our goal is to create videos with impact and heart—so they stand out in an overcrowded world of constant audio and video messaging—and to do it within your budget.


We know every project begins with your goals.  So we'll first submit a complete and competitive quote to you.  Then we'll work within your timeline, scope, and budget.  Call us at 843.342.2774 to receive a quote or click on the link below.


Let's begin your story!


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